World of Coffee in Copenhagen 2024

Fairtrade Denmark & WoC

Wednesday, 26th of June: Social Dining at ‘The Set’

The upcoming World of Coffee trade show in Denmark presents a perfect occasion to gather some of our most important commercial interests and business partners for social dining.

The purpose of the dinner is to strengthen our professional relations, and it is also a unique opportunity to connect with those who produce our coffee.

You will have the chance to meet Fairtrade producers and hear them discuss their experiences with growing coffee in a world full of price wars and climate changes – both of which significantly affect their livelihoods and threaten the future survival of coffee.

We will be serving delicious food and drinks, along with engaging conversations that we hope will inspire and make a difference for the millions of coffee producers all over the world who fight daily for their livelihoods and the survival of coffee.

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Thursday, 27th of June: Get-Together at the Fairtrade Booth for Fair Drinks

On Thursday, we will host a little get-together to end the day on a high note with a delicious fair drink: a Coffee Vanilla Daquiri.

Drinks will be served at 3.30-5pm at our booth, located at GC-009 in Bella Center Copenhagen.

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Friday, 28th of June: Store Check for Producers

Friday, we are visiting two Danish retailers and they will show us their most important Fairtrade products.

The first store we will visit is a Rema1000 (discounter)

Rema1000 present themselves as a discounter with an attitude. They focus on local produce and sustainability in general.

From here we will walk to the next store, called Bilka (hyper market), in the Shopping Mall Fields.

Bilka is a part of Salling Group, who also owns Netto and Føtex. 

Bilka has a lot of Fairtrade products in store, however, coffee has become very expensive and private label is a growing within all categories. 

From Bilka we will walk to back to the fair – WoC – in Bella Center, where we will arrive at about 12:15am

We hope to see you there!

Saturday, 29th of June: Lecture at WoC

If your livelihood is linked to coffee, it’s time to up your investment with coffee farmers!”

The future of coffee is at risk. Climate change, regulatory environment shifts, a lack of young farmers willing to take up the trade, and farming communities struggling with intergenerational poverty – these complex challenges threaten our industry as a whole, and each hinges on a fundamental issue that has been unaddressed for too long.

On Saturday at WoC, we have organized a panel discussion:
The panel is moderated by Monica Firl, Senior Advisor of Coffee at Fairtrade International, and consists of:

Aske Skovmand Bosselmann, Associate Professor with the Institute of Food and Ressource Economics at the University of Copenhagen
Netsanet Nega, Coffee Marketing Manager at Bench Maji Union
Michael Schiedel, Partner and Managing Director at Freehand Coffee Company
Rikke Ramm Eberlein, Senior Consultant CSR at Lidl Denmark

This panel comes together discuss the urgent need to build stable financial foundations for coffee farmers. In the context of striving towards “Sustainable Coffee”, industry leaders will be challenged to consider:

Are we investing in the future of coffee with the prices we’re paying to the farmers?

The lecture is at Bella Center Copenhagen, Room 2, at 11.45am-12.45pm

No need to worry! We’ve put together a guide for your stay in Copenhagen, packed with plenty of exciting ideas. Enjoy your time here!

Vickie Enné Ryge

Head of Marketing and Customer Relations

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