Welcome to The Set


Today’s menu consists of:


Almond Creme – Green Asparagus – Buckwheat

Cucumber – Crispy Chili – Sesame

Main Course:

New Potatoes – Lovage – Browned Butter

Lentils – Hake – Salad – Pickled Elderflowers – Fermented Gooseberries


Danish Fairtrade Cream Puffs from Sv. Michelsen, ‘Flødeboller’

Photo by: Thesetcph.dk


Dagens menu består af:


Mandelcreme – Grønne asparges – Boghvede

Agurk – Crispy chili – Sesam


Nye kartofler – Løvstikke – Brunet smør

Salat fra Stensbøl gård – Syltet hyld – Fermenteret stikkelsbær


Fairtrade-Flødeboller fra Sv. Michelsen

Who is Attending?

We are happy to have 84 attendees from all over the world gathered for this dinner.

The attendees are listed below – sorted by country in alphabetical order

Photo by: Thesetcph, Instragram

From Brazil:

Allesandro Miranda, CEO of Coopervitae

Carlos Renato Alvarenga Theodoro, President of Cafésul

Joao Mattos, Commercial Director of CLAC

Marina Lotti, Sales Supervisor with Coopfam

Milena Cássia of Coocaminas

Paulo Afonso Ferreira Junior, Coffee Manager of CLAC

From Canada:

Monika Firl, Senior Advisor on Coffee with Fairtrade International

From Colombia:

Aurora Maria Izquierdo T, Founder and CEO of Anei

Emilio Monje, Commercial Manager of Coocentral

Jorge Paez, Commercial Director of Anei

Juan Sebastian Paez, Administrative Director of Anei

From Costa Rica:

Amaya Guzman, Commercial Logistic Officer with CLAC Fairtrade

From Denmark:

Anders Kroman Liin, Political Consultant of Dansk Erhverv

Benny Vallys, COO of Freehand Coffee Company

Camilla Erika Lerberg, CEO of Fairtrade Denmark

Claus Krogh, Head of Communication and CSR with Lidl Denmark

Esben Geist, Acting Director/CEO of Forbrugerrådet Tænk

Fie Hansen-Hoeck, Board Member of Fairtrade Denmark

Frank B. Madsen, Key Account Manager and Head of Operations with Peter Larsen Kaffe

Helle Hedegaard, Out of Home Coordinator with Peter Larsen Kaffe

Jeppe Bjerregaard, Senior Advisor of Fairtrade Denmark

Judith Kyst, Chairman of the Board, Fairtrade Denmark

Karen Lorenzen, Board Member, Fairtrade Denmark and CEO of Operate

Karin Breck, Director of Policy with Forbrugerrådet Tænk

Kim Wagner, Out of Home Consultant with Peter Larsen Kaffe

Lars Nørskov, Head of Out of Home with Peter Larsen Kaffe

Mads Bak Sørensen, Product Assistant with Fairtrade Denmark

Maja Ek, Out of Home Consultant with Peter Larsen Kaffe

Mette Noppenau, Head of Communication with Fairtrade Denmark

Michael Charly Bjerg, Out of Home Consultant with Peter Larsen Kaffe

Michael Larsen, Key Account Manager with Peter Larsen Kaffe

Michael Schiedel, CEO of Freehand Coffee Company

Michael Træholt, Head of Sales with Freehand Coffee Company

Morten Viborg, Out of Home Consultant with Peter Larsen Kaffe

Mulle Juul Korsholm, Board Member, Fairtrade Denmark

Nanna Callisen Bang, CEO of Etisk Handel

Nina La Cour, Project Manager CSR with Lidl Denmark

Peter Christensen, Board Member, Fairtrade Denmark

Rikke Ramm Eberlein, Team Leader CSR, Corporate Affairs with Lidl Denmark

Roberto Stellini, Roaster and ESG Manager with Stellini Kaffe ApS

Sidse Bonfils, Brand Manager of Peter Larsen Kaffe

Signe Wenneberg, Journalist

Thomas Munk, Out of Home Consultant with Peter Larsen Kaffe

Thomas Roland, Head of Department, Responsibility at Coop Denmark

Vibeke Gjerlund, Key Account Manager with Peter Larsen Kaffe

Vickie Enné Ryge, Head of Marketing and Customer Relations with Fairtrade Denmark

From Ethiopia:

Netsanet Nigussu, Marketing Manager of Bench Maji Forest Coffee Producer Farmer’s Cooperative Union

Tadesse Negash, Senior Programme Officer with Fairtrade Africa

Tilahun Getachew, Export Manager with Limu Inara Farmer’s Multipurpose Cooperative Union

Wondewossen Bezabih, Export Manager with Jimma Union

From Germany:

Amelia Watindi, Marketing Communication Manager with Fairtrade International

Ana Maria Fasen, Senior Supply Chain Manager with Fairtrade Deutschland e.V.

Oscar Gabriel Arreola-Flores, Managing Director with FECCG Germany GmbH

Pablo Urbina, Coffee Coordinator with Fairtrade International

Leonie Marie Droste, Stakeholder Engagement NGOs and Wissenschaft with Lidl International

From Guatemala:

Miguel Mateo, Commercial Manager with MANOS COMPESINAS

Doris Quijivix, Consultant with Fairtrade International

From Honduras:

Angel Mejia, Legal Representative of APROCAFESCA

Carlos Rene Guerra of Cafe San Rafael

Ciria Peñalva of Aprocomsa

Joel Lopez, President of CAFESCOR S.A

Karla Portillo, Secretariat Gender Committee of Aprocomsa

Melany Madrid, Export Manager of PROEXO

Moises Hidardo Hernandez of CAFESMO

Rene Madrid, General Manager of PROEXO

Valeria Madrid, Head of Marketing with PROEXO

From India:

Anu Rai, Senior Marcomms Manager with Fairtrade NAPP

Raghavendra Shastry, NAPP Board Memeber and Director of Malenadu Savayava Krishi Parivar

Siddhart Hegde, Member of Malenadu Savayava Krishi Parivar

From Laos:

Phouvong Chittanavanh, Board Member of Cooperative of Sustainable Eco Coffee

From Mexico:

Anneke Theunissen, COO of CLAC

From Nicaragua:

Ivania Rivera, Senior Coffee Trader with Aldea Coffee S.A.

From Norway:

Jan Erik Glimsholt, Managing Director of Kaffehuset Kjeldsberg

Ole Wiggo Lian, Advisor with Fairtrade Norway

Tone Faugli, CEO of Fairtrade Norway

From Rwanda:

Theophile Biziyaremye, Manager of Abahuzamugambi ba kawa Maraba

From Sweden:

Niklas Löfberg, CEO of Era of We

Cecilie Jaukkuri, Product and Key Account Manager with Fairtrade Sweden

Douglas Bernefjell, Green Coffee Purchaser with Arvid Nordquist HAB

Jens Baagøe, CEO of Sackeus AB

Tobias Råström, Green Coffee Buyer with Arvid Nordquist HAB

From Switzerland:

Katja Schmittner, Business Development Manager Coffee with Fairtrade Max Havelaar

From Thailand:

Sirisap Bijlmakers, Country Program Manager of Thailand and Lao PDR with Fairtrade NAPP

From United Kingdom:

Lucy Knott, Senior Partnership Development Manager with The Fairtrade Foundation

Camilla Erika Lerberg
Vickie Enné Ryge
Head of Customer Relations and Marketing
Jeppe Bjerregaard
Senior Advisor
Mette Noppenau
Head of Communications

Fairtrade Denmark & WoC